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Why Salt CRM?

The answer is simple and easy, we provide 30 modules all together for one price while all the other online CRM’s Charge per module per user, which would become very costly as for a company of 5 it would cost over $150 per month. Other than better pricing and wider range of modules, we offer many services such as showing you and training you how our CRM fits best to your needs.

Another thing you would not get with any other CRM is the feel of having your own CRM, Salt CRM is rebranded to tailor fit your company profile, using your, domain, logo and color scheme to not only satisfy you but also your clients.

Project Management

Manage projects and track time spent on projects for each staff member

Customer Area

A separate section for your clients to view specifics related to their projects only.


Generate new invoices and keep them in track.

Articulate Design

Carefully designed to fit screens of all sizes so that you can use your CRM the way you like.

Custom Themes

Custom made themes to fit your companies profile.

Transformable Admin Menu

Re-organize the admin menu to suit your needs and style.

Auto Backup

Automatically back up data after a set number of days.


Server side encryption to keep your sensitive data secure.

Google reCaptcha

Google reCaptcha on login to keep you safe from hacking bots.

Activity Log

Track your staff's activity, every addition, deletion and edit is recorded.

Media Library

Each staff member can upload media files, keep them private or share them with others.


Create surveys with one click or use built-in surveys and send them to whomever you like.