CRM technology is fast growing solution for the businesses, as it manages the important data and necessary for every startup. There are many CRM solutions available in the market but we are talking about the Salt CRM Software. The advantage of having it, has great features that every business need.

It comes up with various things that fulfill your demands. Choosing Salt CRM service is an excellent choice for small business. In the post, we are discussing the factors that why you should think about it before buying.

Grow your Business with Salt CRM

By using Salt CRM software, it has been a lot easier to handle your company projects and clients are satisfying with the services to get more projects. It is easy to understand that help your business to grow and long way to stay in your business. The customization option enables to add new style in the themes. Convert your website visitors into leads in the CRM.

Grow your Business with Salt CRM


Save your precious data in Cloud Storage

Customer relationship management is all about how to manage the customer’s data. Managing your valuable information with Salt CRM is very easy and the data can be saved in the cloud storage. You can add your reports in the Dropbox as it comes up with the Dropbox integration. Store 2TB of data in the storage option. In this way, you can easily handle all your data with its Dropbox cloud storage feature.

Save your precious data in Cloud Storage


Salt CRM understand that all your data is of immense importance to you which is why we have taken through steps to ensure that the integrity of all the data is protected. We also employ server side data tables to handle data in large databases along with Google reCaptcha services to prevent access to admin logins, customer logins and customer registrations.

CRM Security

Technical Support

The best CRM solution always provide full support to its customers. We believe in making sure that our services are engineered to ensure quality and seamless customer experience. Regular system cleansing, errors or bug fixes and speed optimization are included in the after sale services.

Technical support CRM

Moreover, we provide technical support to the customers via WhatsApp, Facebook and phone on your CRM. We help your business to grow by providing our proper support.


Budget is an important factor while choosing CRM, as you will get to know some questions in your mind about paid features such as technical support and training before buying CRM. Some CRM solutions may change you for the training, support and other additional services. But don’t worry about it, we offer free staff training, technical support and cloud storage. Salt CRM provide two packages; Silver and Gold. Both have its own features and advantages for the business owners.

Price of Salt CRM

Integrate your business with Salt CRM and take advantage of its useful features such as goal tracker, personal to-do items, email templates and much more.