Salt CRM is Customer Relationship Management Software in Pakistan that helps in managing your task and provide your customers a feel of emotional attachment to your company. Customers can easily view their on-going projects, they can track their work progress, and handle their payment. Salt CRM is the Best cloud based CRM in Pakistan that has a lot of features including Milestones, Staff reminder, Customers Area, Staff roles etc.

SaltCRM - Product of Droidor

Improve your business relationship with clients, assign the staff to specific departments and manage their work with one place. It is the best CRM for small business where one can add important data in the cloud storage with its Dropbox integration feature.

Why SaltCRM ?

  • Find more leads and keep track with ease
  • Improve your business in one place
  • Track your client’s information
  • Small business owners assign one task to multiple employees
  • Manage projects and track each one for staff member
  • Easy to communicate with your staff
  • Set the due date of each task and let your employee know how much time to give to each task
  • Create invoices and send them to your customers directly
  • Customize your interface according to your demands
  • Remember the history of your clients

Salt CRM Software is a complete package for more accurate business predictions to identify areas where you lack and where you succeed. You can manage your reports according to your needs for a specific customer. Salt CRM facilitate all sorts of businesses with different requirements in terms of finance and human capital. When it comes to Salt CRM security, it surely protects your data. It encrypts all information with a unique encryption key.

Features of Salt CRM Software

Salt CRM in Pakistan

Salt CRM is the one of best CRM services for every small business. It provides great features to handle your projects without any difficulty. Let’s discuss some of its features.

Customers Area

Manage your customer area section easily as you can add multiple contacts within seconds. Assign each contact a specific task and track the interaction.


Generate invoices and send to your clients directly. In Salt CRM, you can keep track and organize your invoices in one place. Set the invoice reminders and send them to the customers.

Recurring Invoices

Set recurring invoices to regenerate automatically based on your setup.

Recurring Expenses

Set up a recurring expense to automatically generate it after the specified period.


Create estimates within a minute and send them to your clients.


Easy to handle your projects expenses and invoices. With its project management feature, any company or small business can take control of the operations. Salt CRM handles your project in one window and therefore it is the powerful software for task management.


Manage all your leads and easily follow their progress. It will also show you the client interaction area.


Company can create the milestones for a specific task and send it to the clients. With Salt CRM software, one can track the time spent based on milestones. Milestones feature is a great help for every project.

Web to Lead Forms

Capture the data submitted by the website visitors through websites and you can add it as leads in Salt CRM.

Ticket Support

Ticket system with auto response, add private staff notes and ticket assignments.


Assign your staff member to specific departments and auto import tickets by department.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to store extra info for the customers, tickets, invoices, estimates and much more.

Staff Reminder Feature

Set reminders for your staff members with the ability to notify by email and built-in notifications. For instance, you can send a reminder to your staff about tasks.

Theme styling Option

Customize your theme according to your needs in Salt CRM. You can change your theme to best fit your styles.


Create private or public events and can be reminded of them via email or notification.

Email Templates

Choose your ready made email templates with merge fields for different purposes. It can also be used for sending bulk emails to your clients in one click.

Staff Roles

Set specific permissions for your staff members to define what they can and can’t do. For example, you can give access to your staff in specific duty.

Goal Tracking

Set your goals and keep track your business objectives. Goal tracking is the feature in Salt CRM to keep sales goals in mind.

Company Newsfeed Section

In the newsfeed section, company share their upcoming events and important updates as well. Add news about events and share it with the community.

Staff Tasks

Create tasks and assign each one to multiple employees in Salt CRM software. It adds task followers and stay up to date on the progress of each task. For example, project manager can assign task to specific employee and set permission for staff what they can do or what they can’t do.


Create your question as surveys in Salt CRM and send them to all your staff and customers.

Knowledge Base

Small business owner can write the articles about their business and share them with the community in Salt CRM tool. Staff member can also give ratings, votes and comments in the articles.


Design or create any type of reports in CRM. For instance, you can add sale reports, staff and invoice reports for a specific date.

These are the best features of Salt CRM software; one can have to handle the projects.

How it can be useful for business ?

It is the Best CRM in Pakistan that is beneficial for small business owners, freelancers, startups etc. Your company can get benefits for better experience in business.

  • Have a better client experience for your business
  • Increase your leads opportunities
  • Keep track of your goal
  • Manage all data in one place
  • Send online payments
  • Store important data in the cloud

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